Friday, June 26, 2009

The Fun Minute Manager: A Review

The Fun Minute Manager
By-Bob Pike, Robert C. Ford, John W. Newstrom
Hardcover: 107 pages
Publisher: Creative Training Techniques Press
ISBN-10: 1935291041

When is the last time you really had fun a work? Do you wake up in the morning, dreading going to your job? Do you go home in the evening feeling drained and unappreciated? If you are an employer, when is the last time you put a smile on the face of your employees?

Since companies usually want the maximum energy and productivity out of their workers, truly happy work places are rare. Every moment may be spent in an atmosphere of dull monotony and fierce competition.

There is now a movement afloat to eliminate job related stress and boredom. Ways to implement this can be found in "The Fun Minute Manager."

The book is loaded with inspiration. Chapters include:
*Having fun in a serious business
*The payoff from fun at work
*Spreading the joy
*When fun is done
*Becoming a fun minute manager

The reader will also find: Assessing Your Overall Fun Work Environment; 100 Illustrations of Fun at Work Activities; Fun and Humor Websites; and much more.

This is a small book with big ideas. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in establishing a more relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere while increasing productivity. Many of the ideas can also be used in the home.

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