Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sassy by Gloria Mallette

Author: Gloria Mallette
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Gemini Press; 1st edition (May 22, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0967878934

Myra Barrett lie dying--stabbed over and over by the man she was secretly dating and who she had fallen in love with. Her best friend, Carrie, lay dead nearby.

Why? Why was this happening? She had so much to live for--her career; her child. Thoughts raced through her head as life drained from her; her killer still standing over her helpless body. He would soon shower, and dress in fresh clothes, in her own apartment before attending another important date with someone very special.

Four hours later, Sassy Davenport, a popular romance novelist, is having a book signing party. The line is long. This had been a good night for selling her latest novel. Norris Yoshito, is the next customer to ask for her autograph. As their eyes meet, they are instantly drawn to each other. He wants to meet her afterward, and a romantic relationship develops.

As multiple murders unfold in this unforgettable novel, the reader is held spellbound from the opening paragraph. Will the murderer be caught before it's too late for Sassy?

This is a thriller that I couldn't put down...I read it within 24 hours! For mystery lovers, this is a "must read."
(Thank you to the author for my review copy.)


  1. Good review, Barbara. Everytime I hear the name "Sassy," I think of another novel "Cold Sassy Tree." I bet you've read it. It's not a thriller just a relaxing book. I bet you couldn't put "Sassy" down until you finished it. Thanks for another good review.

  2. I too read and review Sassy...agree that it is indeed a page-turner!